Why Pre-Fabricate?

Improved Productivity = Increased Profitability

Design Flexibility

Custom designed to suit the application and contractor

Less Risk

Reduced exposure at on site level for improved health and safety

Quality Control

Straight, true and accurate to specifications

Reduced Construction Time

Quick lead times to align with project schedules

Increased Efficiencies

Replacing tedious and labour intensive on site construction with lightweight steel framing solutions

Our process explained and broken down

Step 01. Design

The SBS Group design team work in partnership with you to create a solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. Creating a practical, efficient and productive solution is at the forefront of our designs to maximise your project profits and speed of construction.

Step 02. Estimating

Projects are marked up and fully costed as a complete supply solution including the delivery of all framing, full shop detailing, and complete certified engineered systems.

Step 03. Shop Detailing & Engineering

All framing is fully shop detailed in house, coordinated with other trades and sent for your approval including comprehensive layout plans, individual frame details and all fixing locations. Framing is designed and engineered as a full system including 1507 certification, complying to ISO 9001 and a certificate of compliance by a registered structural engineer.

Step 04. Project Management

We manage your project from the initial stages through to completion, coordinating shop detailing, engineering, manufacture and delivery for an on time productive result.

Step 05. Manufacture

All framing is custom manufactured within a controlled environment by our own experienced metal workers for greater quality control and efficiency. Fabrication is not controlled by adverse weather conditions and other external factors.

Step 06. Delivery

Framing is delivered directly to site or to a specified location for ease of direct fixing and installation. Framing can also be delivered to suit crane lift schedules.

Facade and Feature Lightweight Steel Framing in Melbourne

With the revolutionary SBS Smart Frame technology, SBS Group is an industry leader designing and supplying innovative, engineered and efficient pre-fabricated external structural framing and facades. SBS Group specialises in cold formed galvanised steel or aluminium façade solutions for all project applications.

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Wall Framing

The SBS Smart Frame external wall framing and tenancy walls have been proven over many years, especially in loadbearing self-storage facilities and shopping centre applications. SBS engineered variable height braced stud wall system adds to extremely quick installation with flexibility on site.

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Bulkhead and Internal Framing

Over the years SBS Group has developed and fine-tuned cost effective and easy to install, pre-fabricated bulkhead systems for endless applications. SBS Group has the ability and expertise to manufacture all ceiling and bulkhead shapes, including circular, stepped, coffered and straight sections, considerably reducing on site costs.

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Balustrade Framing

SBS Smart Frame balustrades are offering builders and contractors a modern and innovative cost saving advantage compared to conventional heavy steel balustrade framing. SBS Group employs a high strength superior fastening system, combined with galvanised cold formed steel or aluminium feature sections to deliver a lightweight yet strong engineered, certified and durable balustrading system.

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Fascia Framing

SBS Smart Frame fascia trusses provide a strong, lightweight, modern and improved solution to traditional construction methods. Combining cold roll formed galvanised channels with a unique high strength fastening system, and eliminating the need to weld, fascia trusses can be manufactured true and straight.

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General Sheet Metal, Brackets, & Fabrication

SBS Group specialises in supplying a broad variety of pre-fabricated and custom made brackets, flashings and other sheet metal related products to the construction industry. Our design team engineer revolutionary bracket systems, angles and flashings to complement our diverse framing systems, saving valuable time and unnecessary costs at site level.

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Complex Architectural Framing

SBS Group Ultra Framing solutions creates a new and simple way to fulfil the needs of intricate framing, an innovation in complex framing projects. Ultra Frame enables pre-fabrication of 3D facades, frames and other custom architectural features, using high strength, unique fastening technology. Ultra Frame utilises lighter materials, avoiding unnecessary, heavy and outdated structural steel elements.

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Pre-Finished Aluminium Framing

Aluminium has become pivotal in a new era in construction. Many architectural products, traditionally constructed from heavy, rust-prone steel, are now being replaced with aluminium which is proven as a more versatile, lightweight and more beneficial building material. SBS Group has pioneered Ultra Frame — pre-fabricated aluminium framing highly customised to any design. Ultra Frame utilises cutting edge construction techniques, pre-fabricating and pre-finishing products off site such as car park screens, feature balustrading and a variety of architectural feature screening.

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Smart Hob Formwork Framing

SBS Smart Hob is an efficient pre-fabricated riveted formwork framing system, currently being used with great success throughout the construction formwork industry. The Smart Hob consists of cold formed steel permanent formwork, which is fixed to the slab and filled with concrete, conventionally tanked and sealed as required.

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