Balustrade Framing

Balustrade Framing

Melbourne’s First Rate Suppliers of Steel Balustrade Framing

SBS Smart Frame balustrades offer builders and contractors a modern and innovative advantage compared to conventional heavy steel balustrade framing.

Utilising high strength superior fastening methods, SBS Group fabricates galvanised cold formed steel, or aluminium to deliver lightweight strong engineered and certified durable balustrade systems.

Balustrades built smarter off site

With simplified and systematic installations, balustrades are either pre-fabricated off site as large sections and craned into position or manually placed and fixed off using fully concealed adjustable brackets.

SBS Smart Frame balustrades are designed to enable cladding materials to be directly fixed to the frame. This eliminates the requirement of top hats or furring channels. With the balustrades backing seal, in most applications the conventional external hob can be removed.

Offering custom made steel balustrades throughout Melbourne and beyond

Balustrade frames are specifically designed for the project and rigidly trussed, with the option of offsite pre-clad fabrication. Rebated, profiled, curved or three-dimensional framing is also available whilst adhering to a high level of quality and size consistency across both steel and aluminium construction.

Our design team work in partnership with our clients and their partners to maximise product scope and savings for both external and internal specifications. This includes drafting and engineering details for the initial concept stages and framing layouts from commencement to completion of construction through to installation.

Contact our team today to discuss your project requirements

Having worked with numerous building and construction professionals in the past, we understand the varying needs of our clients. No matter how big, or small, complicated or challenging, we’ll be able to meet your specific needs, every time.

Whether to learn more about our light gauge steel framing, architectural steel fabrication, or balustrades available in Melbourne and beyond, contact our team today on 1300 782 950 or leave us a message on our contact us page

SBS Framing … giving you the edge!

  • Custom designed to suit varied project applications
  • Top hats are eliminated (dependent on cladding specification)
  • Ability to be pre-clad off site — increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Innovative design — lightweight yet high strength superior fastening
  • Engineered and fully certified
  • Quick, simple and practical fixing installation process
  • Galvanised cold formed steel or aluminium construction
  • Straight, true and uniform in size
  • Access maintenance designs
  • Combined single construction
Project Applications
  • Retail venues and shopping centres
  • Office complexes
  • Apartment projects
  • Townhouses and unit developments
Types of Framing
  • Specialised Balustrade Framing
  • Curved Balustrade Framing
  • Standard Balustrade Framing