Bulkhead and Internal Framing

Bulkhead and Internal Framing

For many years SBS Group has proven to be the market leader in developing easy to install, pre-fabricated bulkhead systems for endless applications.

SBS Group has the ability and expertise in designing and manufacturing extensive ceiling and bulkhead shapes, including circular, stepped, coffered and straight sections, reducing on site costs.

Lightweight bulkhead framing sections are fabricated with high strength, innovative counter sunk fixing systems, enabling linings to be directly fixed with ease.

Plans and details are closely analysed with framing pre-fabricated to suit even the most intricate of architectural profiles. Detailed drafting teams examine electrical or mechanical service requirements, and incorporate into the bulkhead frame design, allowing for minimal disruption with other trades.

SBS Smart Frame bulkheads are detailed and designed for quick and effortless installation. Frames are supplied in complete sections for efficient fixing, reducing time when compared to building bulkheads on site.

SBS Group works in partnership with our clients to ensure the simplest, fastest and yet most suitable bulkhead framing system is supplied without jeopardising the integrity and durability of the framing or finishes required.

Lightweight structural framed bulkheads can also be engineered and certified to suit applications such as cantilevers, floating ceilings and other loadbearing framing requirements, beyond the standard typical construction.


  • High strength yet lightweight construction means easier handling
  • Less risk — reduced exposure at site level
  • Constructed with superior flush fastening technology — accurate and true
  • Fabricated into any shape or design; curved or straight
  • Structural engineering certifications and designs provided if required
  • Saving builders and contractors significant labour and time
  • Quick lead times improving project efficiency
  • Fast, simple and practical installation process, easily man handled on site
  • Ability to fabricate round, oval, splayed or square columns
Project Applications
  • Shopping centres
  • Clubs and restaurants
  • Office developments
  • Commercial complexes
  • Apartment projects
  • Auditoriums and cinemas
  • Education facilities
Types of Framing
  • Auditorium Framing
  • Internal Structural Framing
  • Building Services Framing
  • Columns – Curved & Square
  • Profiled Framing
  • Ladder Framing Systems
  • Curved & Straight Bulkhead Framing