Complex Architectural Framing

Complex Architectural Framing

Complex Architectural Steel Fabrication Tailored for you

SBS Group Ultra Frame solutions create a new and simple way to fulfil the needs of intricate framing; an innovation for complex and challenging framing projects.

Using high strength, unique fastening technology and superior 3D CAD integrated machinery technology, Ultra Frame enables architectural pre-fabrication of 3D facades and other custom architectural features.

Enjoy complete creative freedom with our steel fabrication solutions

This technological advantage encourages greater creativity and design adaptability, giving you the edge and reducing risk, with Ultra Frame easily pre-fabricated for even the most complex of challenges.

Utilising lighter materials, unnecessary and heavy outdated structural steel elements are avoided with framing certified as required. Ultra Frame solutions maintain strength and durability with cladding zones integrated into the framing design. Finished products are delivered to site completely ready to install, with the time saving benefit of direct fixing of cladding materials as approved.

Our architectural steel fabrication helps keep your costs low, whilst improving on site efficiencies

Ultra Frame provides an advanced and productive alternative to other expensive and time-consuming construction methods. With Ultra Frame, time wastage and unnecessary expenditure are greatly minimised throughout all levels of construction.

SBS Group is an industry leader, with the reputation and expertise to see complex projects through from concept to completion. With a highly specialised in-house team and a wealth of experience across diverse projects, SBS Group can value manage your design to maximise the benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Contact us for a custom pre-fabricated solution

With a reputation for exceeding the expectations of our clients, we’re in the best position to the meet the specific fabrication needs of your business. To find out more about the services we offer, including steel frame trusses and balustrades, call us directly on
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> Complex structures made simple and efficient for installation – easy and quick with integrated cladding zones

> Straight and accurate

> High strength yet lightweight construction — internal or external across a variety of materials

> Custom built for challenging designs — improving diversity in construction opportunities

> Pre-fabricated finished framing — delivered to site ready to install

> Shop drawings and in-house design — complete solution for improved efficiency

> Unnecessary expenditure avoided onsite as builder/contractor risk reduced considerably

> Office developments

> Commercial projects

> Clubs and cinemas

> Entertainment venues

> Retail projects, shopping centres

> Sporting venues

> Education facilities

> Multi story car park screen features

> Education facilities