Complex Architectural Framing

Complex Architectural Framing

Complex Architectural Steel Fabrication Utilising Light Gauge Steel Materials

SBS Ultra Frame: highly customised construction solutions adapted to any design. High strength, unique fastening technology and 3D CAD integrated machinery technology is used for the pre-fabrication of 3D complex facades and custom architectural features.

Complete creative freedom for architects, builders and contractors with steel fabrication solutions modified to suit individual project requirements.

Value-managed, simplified solutions for challenging designs for projects in Melbourne and Australia-wide

Ultra Frame architectural steel fabrication solutions keep costs low, reduce risks and speeds up on site construction processes.

Expensive and time-consuming structural steel designs are replaced with accurate lightweight framing systems – delivered to site as finished products for easier and faster installation.

Cladding zones are integrated into the framing design with facilitation of pre-cladding where possible.

SBS Group’s services include:

  • – Initial project consultation, design and quotation
  • – Preliminary concepts and engineering
  • – 3D CAD modelling, drafting and engineering details
  • – Framing layouts
  • – Engineering certification and sign-off

All Truecore and galvanised materials are backed by a 50 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty from BHP (subject to manufacturers specifications).

For a fully customised build smarter solution on your next project, speak to our design consultants on 1300 782 950 or leave us a message below.

  • Ability to fabricate framing to suit complex architectural designs
  • Simple and efficient installation
  • Integrated cladding zones
  • Straight and accurate framing
  • High strength and durable materials
  • Lightweight construction for easier handling on site
  • Custom built for challenging designs
  • Delivered to site ready to install
  • Direct fix of cladding materials
  • Shop drawings and in-house 3D CAD design
  • Significantly reducing on site risk and expenditure
Project Applications
  • Office developments
  • Commercial projects
  • Clubs and cinemas
  • Entertainment venues
  • Retail projects, shopping centres
  • Sporting venues
  • Education facilities
  • Multi story car park screen features
  • Education facilities
  • Apartment developments
Types of Framing
  • 3D Facades and External Features
  • Internal Ceilings, Balustrades and Bulkhead Framing
  • Elliptical Framing
  • Angled/Splay Framing
  • Domed and 3D curved framing