Fascia Framing

Fascia Framing

Top Rate Pre-fabricated Steel Frame Trusses in Melbourne

Taking a different manufacturing approach

SBS Smart Frame fascia trusses provide a strong, lightweight, modern and improved solution to traditional construction methods. This means you are able to reduce installation time, improve efficiency and boost productivity, all at the same time.

Combining cold roll formed galvanised channels with a unique high strength fastening system, while eliminating the need to weld, fascia trusses are manufactured true and straight.

Our pre-fabricated trusses are custom manufactured to your requirements

Fascia frames are available in a wide range of uniform sizes to suit the required project design and application, with detailed plans analysed and engineered to produce a simple and cost effective outcome. Drafting and detailing of trusses and connections are closely monitored and coordinated throughout the manufacturing process, from commencement through to the final delivery and installation of the project.

Steel contractors can now easily outsource tedious and difficult fascia trusses as a viable value added alternative.

Why are our steel frame trusses the preferred option for our Melbourne clients?

SBS Smart Frame fascia trusses are revolutionising outdated construction techniques, providing scope to replace difficult welded truss systems with economical, innovative and ultimately higher quality fascia framing alternatives.

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  • High strength lightweight construction
  • Constructed with superior fastening technology
  • Custom sizes and widths available — standard purlin sizes
  • Fully engineered and certified as required
  • Easy to install — alternative to heavy structural steel
  • Straight — eliminates bowing or warping
  • Galvanised coatings — eliminates painting and corrosion issues
  • Rapid lead times — improves efficiency
  • Reduces costly fabrication delays by allowing steel fabricator to outsource
  • Ability and strength to construct curved fascia framing
Project Applications
  • Petrol stations
  • Clubs
  • Office complexes
  • Industrial developments
  • Commercial applications
Types of Framing
  • Fascia/Soffit Framing