Architectural Aluminium Framing

Architectural Aluminium Framing

Aluminium has become pivotal in a new era in construction. Many architectural products, traditionally constructed from heavy, rust-prone steel, are now being replaced with aluminium – proven as a more versatile, maintenance free and lightweight building material.

SBS Group has pioneered Ultra Frame — pre-fabricated aluminium framing highly customised to your designs. Ultra Frame utilises cutting edge construction techniques, pre-fabricating and pre-finishing products off site such as car park screens, feature balustrading and a variety of architectural screening. Off site preparation allows for streamlined, efficient installation at site level, resulting in reducing on site time and improving productivity.

SBS architectural aluminium framing is engineered, certified, designed and detailed to satisfy the specific project requirements of the client — the architect and the builder — helping all parties to achieve the most efficient and effective solution.

Quality, complex sculptures, including curved and intricate designs are rapidly analysed and engineered to coordinate the numerous participants involved in the design, construction and installation process. SBS Group delivers unique framing solutions for even the most complex of assignments.

SBS Ultra Frame gives you the leading edge in the design and construction of your project.

  • Pre-finished and ready to install — minimal other finishing trades to be coordinated
  • Aluminium construction increases longevity and is lightweight yet strong
  • Unique fastening system
  • Broad variety of section combinations
  • Eliminates the need for unsightly welding
  • Powder coated to the specified colour
  • Shop drawings — in house design
  • Engineered and certified solutions for complex and easy shapes
  • Pre-fabricated to work as curtain wall systems
  • Accurate, true and straight
  • Extremely lightweight — easy to fix off
Project Applications
  • Multi-story carpark screens
  • Apartments — balustrades
  • Commercial projects
  • Shopping centres
  • Residential projects
  • Educational projects
  • Hospital buildings
Types of Framing
  • Facade Framing
  • Carpark Screen Framing
  • Internal Feature Framing