Architectural Aluminium Framing

Architectural Aluminium Framing

Pre-Finished Aluminium Facades and Architectural Features

SBS Ultra Frame is your lighter and maintenance-free alternative to heavy, rust-prone steel structures. Straight, true and accurate pre-fabricated (prefab) framing systems use lightweight aluminium materials.

Ultra Frame solutions are designed to streamline onsite preparation and coordination of trades. Framing is manufactured and delivered to site, pre-finished and ready to install with in-house designed fastening systems.

Highly customised Ultra Frame solutions for the most complex of projects

SBS Ultra Frame aluminium solutions are designed, detailed, engineered and certified to your exact project requirements. Framing can also be powder coated to the specified colour.

Architectural features including carpark facades, feature balustrading and screens are analysed to replace labour-intensive and costly steel structures.

SBS Group’s services include:

  • – Initial project consultation, design and quotation
  • – Drafting and engineering details
  • – Framing layouts
  • – Engineering certification and sign-off
  • – Unique fastening systems

Building smarter starts with replacing unnecessary and costly structural steel designs. Speak to us about using a lightweight aluminium solution on your next project – call 1300 782 950 or leave a message below.

  • Delivered to site pre-finished and ready to install
  • Minimal other finishing trades to be coordinated
  • Aluminium construction increases longevity
  • Lightweight high strength clinch riveted certified fastening
  • Broad variety of section combinations
  • Removes the need for unsightly welding
  • Powder coated to the specified colour if required
  • Engineered and certified solutions
  • Accurate, true and straight
  • Easy to install
  • Can be designed for pre-cladding, eliminating battens
Project Applications
  • Multi-story carpark screens
  • Apartments — balustrades
  • Commercial developments
  • Shopping centres
  • Residential projects
  • Educational projects
  • Hospital buildings
Types of Framing
  • Prefabricated Balustrade System
  • Carpark Screening
  • Feature Ceilings
  • Architectural Facades and Panels