Top Level Wall and Roof Truss Framing

Top Level Wall and Roof Truss Framing

SBS Smart Frame – Top Level Wall and Steel Frames and Trusses: Your Smarter Alternative to Structural Steel and Timber Construction


Precision-made, pre-fabricated (prefab), lightweight & high strength frames, delivered to site for easy and fast installation.

SBS Smart Frames feature customised technology and unique craftsmanship, with wall and steel frame trusses manufactured to your design specifications. Frames are installed on site by builder or SBS Group recommended installers.


Our system completely replaces the need for tendering of structural steel, timber wall and roof truss packages for the top level of your build.


The SBS Smart Frame package provides an independent engineering sign-off for your complete peace of mind. All Truecore and galvanised materials are backed by a 50 Year Manufacturers Warranty from BHP (subject to manufacturers specifications).


SBS Group’s Services include:

>  Shop detailing and frame layout plans

>  3D modelling

>  Re-design advice and expertise (where required) and

>  Compliant engineering certification to BCA code specifications.


For pre-fabricated trusses and steel frame solutions in Melbourne and Australia-wide, contact the team at SBS Group on 1300 782 950 or leave us a message below.


  • Rust, termite & rot resistant materials
  • Integrated professional trade services
  • Long-span capabilities
  • 3D virtual modelling & CNC manufactured components
  • Easy installation on site
  • Lightweight construction to reduce floor loads
  • Lower labour costs
  • 50-year manufacturers warranty for BHP Truecore steel (subject to manufacturers specifications)
Project Applications
  • Apartments
  • Student accommodation
  • Unit developments
  • Townhouse
  • Upper floor plant rooms
Types of Framing
  • Top Level Wall Framing
  • Top Level Roof Truss Framing