Wall Framing

Wall Framing

SBS Smart Frame wall systems have proven themselves over many years, having been used for varied applications including loadbearing self-storage facilities, shopping centres, schools, warehouses and multi-density and residential housing.

With framing manufactured off site using engineered stud wall systems, installation on site is easy and quick compared with conventional on site construction. Fabrication is undertaken in a quality controlled factory environment, true and straight with superior and positive clinch riveted or serrated lock fixings. Suitable for curved applications, the SBS Smart Frame system is built to accurate specifications and can be manufactured into various widths and gauges for greater design flexibility. Large framing modules can be also easily fabricated into trussed pre-clad curtain wall applications for lifting into place on site.

Not only does steel protect against rotting and termites, its strength and flexibility ensures your project will stand the test of time by protecting against warping, twisting or shrinking, resulting in a streamline superior finish.

SBS Smart Frame walls are manufactured with BHP galvanised and 50 year warranty Truecore steel.

With the ability to incorporate services easily into the framing, technology used also enables custom hole locations. The SBS Smart Frame system is a smarter way to build faster and more efficiently.

  • Quality control — true and accurate to specifications
  • High strength light weight construction — lowers building dead loads
  • Engineered and certified
  • Designed to suit the application and the contractor; frames are easily installed manually
  • Coordination of other trades
Project Applications
  • Office developments
  • Warehouses and Industrial Projects
  • Schools
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Storage Centres
  • Multi-Residential Apartments
  • Shopping Centres
  • Residential Housing
Types of Framing
  • External Wall Framing
  • Storage Centres
  • Internal Wall Framing