SBS Pre-Cladding Facility

In order to build faster, safer and more efficiently, we must be prepared to BUILD SMARTER™.


That’s why SBS Group offers a unique opportunity for clients to take advantage of our pre-cladding facility. Floor space is available for pre-cladding, installation of windows and storage when using an SBS pre-fabricated framing system.

Located close to our existing premises, lightweight frames are easily and quickly transported from our manufacturing premises to the pre-cladding facility, adding a further cost and time saving solution for your projects. Watch a case study below to see how it all works.


Would you like to take advantage of this unique facility? As every project is custom with different schedules and programs, please get in touch to discuss the benefits and estimates for using our pre-cladding facility. You can contact us on 1300 782 950 or leave us a message below.

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