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5 Ways to Cut Costs Using Cold Formed Steel Framing

If you’re managing a multi-level development, you know you’ve got to stay on budget. You can download our free brochure to ensure you’ve considered all areas of the project scope.

Did you know? You can cut costs significantly by replacing traditional on site timber and concrete with prefab lightweight framing. Here’s how…

1. From the Ground Up

Steel framing has a high strength to weight ratio when compared to wood or concrete. That means it requires less material to carry the same structural load.

Loads imposed by top level wall and roof trusses are also less than the concrete alternative. This provides opportunities for cost savings from the ground up.

2. Reduced Labour Costs

Are you using traditional on site construction methods for your wall and roof truss frames? If so, you’ll need to engage separate tradesmen to handle the steel structure, carpentry, and roof trusses.

This means finding many contractors and coordinating their schedules to get the job done on time and on budget, which is no easy task.

Instead, when you use light gauge steel frame walls and roof trusses, they will arrive ready on site. This reduces labour costs in a big way. Why? Because installation completed by one team is faster than it would take the three teams to stick build.

Want more info on lowering labour costs? You can download our free brochure here.

3. Faster Construction Time

One of the main causes of budget blowouts is when projects take longer than planned. This is why construction managers are always looking for ways to get the job done faster.

Pre-fabricated steel trusses are manufactured off site and delivered ready to be installed. When used in preference to traditional stick build methods, you can shave months off your project.

This equates to significant cost savings in labour, insurance and equipment hire. And for owners, the sooner construction is complete, the sooner you’ll start generating income and seeing ROI.

4. Equipment Hire Savings

Construction is much faster when you choose pre-fabricated steel framing over traditional methods. It means there will also be savings on equipment hire. You’ll only need scaffolding and cranes for a fraction of the time that you would if you were to use concrete and timber on the same job.

For every day you’re not paying for large equipment hire on site, you’re reducing your costs. For larger projects, if you’re talking about weeks or months less, the savings are huge.

5. Less Waste Products

Another potential cost saving when using steel is in waste collection. It’s much easier to recycle leftover steel instead of dealing with hefty waste materials from timber and concrete.

Plus, your steel framing is manufactured to site specifications and delivered ready to install. So there’s less disruption and mess.

Are you a project manager with a big job on the horizon? Download our free brochure – everything you need to know about the SBS Smart Frame wall and roof truss system.

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