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A 6 Level Light Gauge Steel Framed Building Undergoes A Major Earthquake Test…How Does It React?

4 July 2018

The Challenge

How does light gauge steel react when put under pressure? Does it have the structural capacity to withstand a major earthquake and the fires that often follow?

The Test

In June 2016, researchers at the University of California, San Diego undertook a series of testing on a 6 level steel framed building to find out.

As the large seismic shake table simulated a 6.7-magnitude earthquake, the steel structure held strong – proving the endurance, versatility and durability of light gauge steel.

The testing was aimed to determine whether lightweight steel was a better alternative for large buildings in earthquake prone areas.

Check out the footage below:

For more information, read FrameCAD’s full blog post on the testing: CFS vs the world’s largest outdoor shake table >

Steel vs Timber: Which is Best for Multi-Residential Wall, Floor Joist and Roof Truss Framing?

Light gauge steel hasn’t just been proven to be durable. Light gauge steel is also proving to be the smarter choice for multi-residential walls, floor joists and roof trusses.

When using steel, the savings made from reduced on-site labour and waste, plus the lower maintenance and repair costs due to its resistance to rot, pests and moisture, brings a greater cost-efficiency to the overall project.

Although timber has served us well for many years, builders and project managers are now finding that the durability, strength and longevity of cold formed steel frames and trusses make them the ideal material for multi-residential projects.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of steel vs timber to find out why steel frames and trusses are becoming a common sight on construction sites around Australia: Cold Formed Steel vs Timber: Which is Best for Multi-Residential Wall, Floor Joist and Roof Truss Framing?

SBS Group is a manufacturer of light gauge steel framing solutions and have been working with builders since 2003 to realise the potential and advantages of building smarter with steel.

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