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A Message from the Directors: 15 Years of Smarter Building Solutions

25 May 2018

15 years ago this month, ‘Specialised Building Systems’ was launched make a difference in the Victorian construction industry.

Having seen an opportunity in the market for smarter pre-fabricated framing solutions, we set out to challenge the status quo of construction and stretch the possibilities of building smarter.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has been part of that journey. Together, you have helped us deliver over 2,500 projects – we have created an industry that not only expects, but demands a smarter way of building.

Yet, it’s true that we can no longer build like we used to.

In order to stay ahead, we must be continually innovating. And looking back to some of our first projects back in 2003, we can certainly say that today’s methods are a lot more advanced!


Thank you once again, and until next time…build smarter!™

Andrew Grimshaw & Roger Weeks

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