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Another Prefab Tower Structure Ready For Installation…

17 June 2016

Curved, straight, domed or square – as another project demonstrates the ability of SBS Group to practically pre-fabricate framing into any shape or size!

This multi-stepped bell tower frame was shop detailed in house, manufactured and delivered using lightweight high tensile steel for a church redevelopment in Dandenong.

With lifting points in each corner, installation was made easy for the contractors on site – the tower framing was pre-clad, then lifted into position and fixed off as required to the building structure.

When compared to a traditional piece by piece method, the power of pre-fabrication becomes obvious.

SBS Group…creating custom off site solutions for effective and efficient on site savings.


St Pauls - Dandenong 2.v2


For a flexible and fully customised solution on your next project, contact the design team at SBS Group.

Find out more about the power of pre-fabrication by downloading the free guide:Prefabrication. The Way Forward Image.

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