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What Articles Caught Your Attention? Our Top 10 News Posts of 2016

10 January 2016

Last year we published over 50 articles to our website. Here are the top 10 news posts that resulted in the most views.

1. 888 Collins Street – The Building That Reflects Melbourne’s ‘Four Seasons in One Day’

888 Collins St - for video blog post

Here in Melbourne, we don’t wait for the right month to get the right weather. It’s actually a known fact that Melbourne experiences four seasons in one day; in other words, it’s not unusual to go from wet to dry, cold to hot, all within the space of a couple of hours.

With a unique facade design never before seen in the city, one of Melbourne’s latest towers, 888 Collins Street, is set to reflect these ever changing weather patterns.

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2. The Past, Present and Future of Olympic Architecture – How Does Rio 2016 Compare?


With the eyes of the world riveted on the Rio 2016 Olympics, it’s worth taking a look at the venues in which the competitions take place – some new, some old and some redeveloped.

Hosting the Olympic Games opens up multiple opportunities for countries to highlight their design and architecture talent to the world. But do the host countries always embrace this opportunity?

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3. What Will Pre-Fabrication Look Like in 2026?


Australia’s commercial construction industry has been pretty slow on the uptake of pre-fabricated building products. But will that be the case in 2026? We’re doing a bit of informed crystal ball gazing to get a feel for what the future holds for prefab’s role in 10 years.

Prefab’s a slow burner, but we’re expecting the drive for economies of scale, bespoke yet cost efficient solutions to drive a stronger flame of interest in the coming years.

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4. Chadstone Shopping Centre – A Preview of What’s to Come

Chadstone - for video blog post

On site at The Fashion Capital – see the view behind the scenes of Stage 40, Chadstone Shopping Centre Redevelopment.

It’s inspiring to see SBS Smart Frame pre-fabricated bulkheads taking shape – with approx. half of the frames now delivered, our team is working hard to ensure the project is kept on program and is a success on all fronts for the builder and contractors alike.

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5. New Creative Technology – Keeping You Ahead By Building Smarter


As the design and construction industry in Australia changes, we’re changing too.

New state of the art technology has been installed by SBS Group and we’re excited to share our smarter building systems with you.

With the latest 3D software, we’re expanding our design and in house construction solutions. From designing and detailing, engineering to manufacturing, SBS has again added to its already superior range of products with another solution utilising BHP’s Truecore 50 year warranty light gauge steel.

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6. From the Factory Floor to Site: Lightweight SBS Smart Frames for Bunjil Place


After months of designing, drawing, detailing and manufacturing, seeing the first SBS Smart Frames go up on site is always an accomplishment in itself.

Installation of the spandrel/facade frames is now underway at Bunjil Place – pre-fabricated and fixed with back pan sheeting to waterproof the facade and provide top hat fixing. The lightweight modules were engineered, manufactured to site specifications and then craned into place in large units once on site.

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7. A Bird’s Eye View: Mosaica Apartments


We went to new heights for Mosaica Apartments, capturing the SBS Smart Frame lightweight top level framing from a totally different angle.

Take a look at the short video below for a unique view of the project.

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8. 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Permanent Formwork System


Hob Formwork. Easier, smarter and faster.

  1. Save Time – eliminate conventional forming up and stripping
  2. Improve On Site Efficiencies – Easier, smarter and faster. Minimise on site time
  3. Strong, Straight and True – No warping or twisting. Get the job done quicker.


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9. Another BUILD SMARTER Project: Ego Pharmaceuticals


Another project on the go for the SBS Group team – the $30 million dollar EGO Pharmaceuticals global headquarters centre, involving fabrication of lightweight framing systems for the external facade and features.

The 3 storey building includes a manufacturing facility of 80,000 square metres and office space of 9,000 square metres, under construction by Hacer Group with final completion expected in late 2017.

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10. [VIDEO] Thank You For Being Part of our 2016!


Thanks for being part of our 2016! We trust it has been a prosperous year for you.

Here at SBS Group, we took a major step forward this year by investing in new state of the art detailing and manufacturing technology to help our clients forward with even smarter framing solutions. We plan to expand this direction even further in 2017…watch this space!

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We look forward to keeping you updated on our projects as they progress from the drawing board to the factory and then to site throughout the new year. Until then…build smarter!

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