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Balustrade Framing: Build On Site or Off Site?

26 April 2016

When a pre-fabricated lightweight alternative is faster, lighter, easier and more productive, why use heavy and tedious structural steel?

With five levels of apartments detailed for Gisele in South Yarra, a pre-fabricated balustrade and parapet framing alternative was proposed by SBS Group. Using light gauge steel, the system was recognised by the builder and contractor as the most productive method of construction.

Features of the SBS Smart Frame system include:

>   Less labour required as balustrade frames are manufactured off site and simply craned into position as opposed to being stick built on site

>   Simple and efficient fixing system, removing the need for top hats

>   Faster overall lead time

>   Fully braced framing for maximum strength – ability to take a share of the glass weight load on the front.

>   Light gauge material – easy to man handle on site

>   Fully certified to 1507 certifications by a registered engineer

>   Full shop drawing and frame layout plans for quick installation once on site

>   Reducing material waste; both on site and off site.

Gisele - 1 Gisele - 2

Image courtesy LK Property Group.v2

It’s not just easy, simple, efficient or fast. Pre-fabrication is a smart method of construction.

According to Warren McGregor (now CEO of PrefabAUS), ‘Prefabrication is no longer just a viable alternative construction technique, but is increasingly being integrated into mainstream construction.’

How does the SBS Smart Frame balustrade system work? Find out more about building balustrades the smarter way >


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