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Blue (Light Gauge) Steel Framing – What It Is and Why It’s Taking Off in A Big Way

18 February 2019

If you’re in the construction business, you’ve likely noticed blue steel framing popping up on more and more work sites. While timber and structural steel has traditionally been the material of choice for framing on new homes and multi-residential developments, these days many in the building profession are catching on to the benefits of working with this distinctive blue LGS (light gauge steel) framing.

So, what is it about blue steel framing that has many in the trade making the switch?

For architects, the versatility and strength provides enhanced design possibilities. And because it’s lightweight, straight and true, it’s fast and efficient for builders and the many trades on site.

If you’re yet to try it for yourself and are curious to learn more, read on to find out the benefits and highlights of using LGS framing.

What is Blue Light Gauge Steel Framing?

The eye-catching blue steel framing you’ve seen around town is a zinc/aluminium/magnesium alloy coated steel known as TRUECORE®. Manufactured by renowned Australian company BlueScope, it has a blue resin surface finish that gives the framing its bright and distinctive colour. This is the patented Activate® coating technology which provides enhanced corrosion resistance to TRUECORE® steel and other well-known BlueScope products including the iconic COLORBOND® steel.

TRUECORE® steel is made specifically for the residential and commercial framing market and is suited to a wide range of construction projects, from single new home builds to townhouses and large-scale multi–residential and commercial developments.

Benefits of Blue Steel Framing for Architects

For architects and specifiers, working with steel frames provides exceptional flexibility with designs. The high strength-to-weight ratio is a big plus, as it makes it possible to include long spans – a popular design feature of modern homes and multi-level buildings.

LGS framing is also 100% termite proof (without the need for insecticides), won’t catch fire, includes enhanced corrosion resistance and is rigorously tested to ensure consistent quality and compliance with Australian Standards. This gives both designers and their clients complete confidence in the suitability, sustainability and performance of steel framing.

Benefits of Blue Steel Framing for Builders

On site, steel really excels. Framing is strong but lightweight and it’s easy to handle and install, especially on projects with limited or tight access. Frames are pre-fabricated dimensionally accurate, straight and true, eliminating time wasted for on site adjustments, with minimal wastage.

The steel frames are also extremely durable and won’t shrink, twist or warp over time, removing uneven roof lines and sticky windows and doors. Using steel framing can bring significant cost and time savings to the project, both in the short and longer-term with less follow-up maintenance.

Check out the 99 Pleasant Road Case Study to see just how much time savings can be achieved >

Why Your Steel Framing Supplier Matters

To maximise the benefits of working with LGS framing, it’s important to partner with a trusted and experienced supplier. They’ll provide support throughout the process and ensure your framing adds value to your project and is delivered to site as specified and on time.

Here at SBS Group, we have been working with architects, builders and developers for 15+ years to create smarter building solutions using light gauge steel. Our highly experienced team works closely with clients from the initial design and estimating, to the engineering, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales support stages to ensure quality finishes and successful results every time.

But we’re not just blue steel frame suppliers…we draw on years of experience in the steel construction space to value manage your projects. We work with the nail bag on to work out the smartest way to build for maximum efficiencies and return on your investments.

Ready to Paint Your Work Site Blue?

If you haven’t used pre-fabricated steel framing on your projects in the past, it can be a big call to switch. However, using light gauge steel can bring an abundance of benefits so it’s definitely worth investigating. From greater design flexibility to shorter build times, there are numerous design, cost and time savings to be found.

Curious About Blue Steel Frames? We’re Happy to Help!

Whether you have initial designs, are ready to start building or just have a concept in mind, talk to the team at SBS Group. We’ll give you expert advice that’s specific to your project and answer any questions you have about using steel.

If you already have a timber design, it’s not too late to make the switch. Give us a call and we’ll explain how we can easily convert your design to light gauge steel at no additional cost.

You can reach us on 1300 782 950 or send plans through to

If you don’t have a project coming up just yet, but would like to learn more about building with steel, check out this free eBook: Cold Formed Steel vs Timber: Which is Best for Multi-Residential Walls, Roof Truss and Floor Joist Framing >

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