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Nick R.

We engaged SBS Group for the design and supply of cold rolled roof steel framing and trusses at our Centre Road project, consisting of 127 apartments.


SBS designed and modelled the roof steel componentry in 3D and cooperated with our detailer, allowing integration within the same model of the hot rolled steel and concrete elements to ensure that geometry was checked and structural integration with all elements were considered.


SBS’s design also achieved fire compliance without the need for an alternative design being proposed to MFB and building surveyor, which assisted our building permit process.


Utilising cold rolled also meant that crane time for these works were minimised with load in only being required, and the rest handled manually. This allowed the crane to be used for other activities and other work faces in conjunction.


SBS utilised their engineer as required for field work and checking of installation which also assisted in maintaining our quality processes.


We appreciate all SBS’s work in helping make this project successful.

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