Do you deliver your framing interstate?

Yes, we can deliver framing to all states in Australia.


What are your frames made from?

Framing is manufactured using quality Australian materials including Bluescope’s TRUECORE® high tensile and galvanised steels.


Do you provide cladding services?

No, we specialise in the pre-fabrication of light gauge steel framing alternatives. However, we work in partnership with multiple contractors to provide complete solutions for our clients. We are more than happy to recommend preferred contractors for this service.


Do you install your frames?

SBS Group is a supply only manufacturing company, offering you the design, full engineering, shop detailing and the delivery of framing. Our pre-fabricated framing systems are simple and easy to install with layout plans, fixing locations and details supplied to the builder and installer. We also work in closely with preferred installers to coordinate delivery schedules and meet installation requirements – if requested, we can suggest preferred and experienced installers.


We have been working in with our preferred installers for over 15 years and have found it works well – together we combine our expertise to provide a quality and superior system for our clients.


What type of projects do you work on?

The majority of our projects are multi-residential developments, expanding into commercial, educational, retail and community aged care sectors. The sizes of our projects also vary although we typically provide framing solutions for low to mid-rise projects up to 7 – 10 levels.


What types of framing do you manufacture?

Our core products are pre-fabricated walls, roof trusses and floor joist framing solutions using light gauge steel.


We can pre-fabricate framing solutions for various other applications including bulkheads,balustrades, facades and other architectural features.


SBS Group is also the manufacturer and supplier of the Smart Hob system – a pre-fabricated permanent hob formwork alternative. Learn more about the Smart Hob system >


What are the advantages of pre-fabricating or why should I pre-fabricate?

Here’s a link to a handy infographic on the common advantages of using pre-fabrication: Why Pre-Fabricate?


It will depend on the project, but the use of pre-fabrication substantially reduces the labour required on site whilst offering significant time and cost saving advantages. It can also eliminate the need for scaffolding and cranage. By using the power of pre-fabrication, it is our aim to help our clients deliver their projects faster and more efficiently by removing design and construction limitations.


What services do you provide?

We work with our clients from start to finish, developing smarter pre-fabricated alternatives including in house shop detailing, engineering, fabrication, delivery and project management.


How much does your framing cost or what is the square metre rate for your framing?

As all of our framing is highly customised to suit your project requirements, we don’t have a one size fits all pricing approach.


Please contact us on 1300 782 950 or email to discuss your project – we will put together a detailed quotation explaining the scope of the project, engineering details as required and mark-up plans.