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Hendrix Apartments: Why just build when you can BUILD SMARTER?

25 January 2017

As part of our commitment to Build Smarter, the end of 2016 saw our factory accommodating not just our own staff but also those of the cladding contractor for Hendrix Apartments.

By pre-fabricating and then pre-cladding external wall frames at one location, significant savings were identified by the SBS team and cladding contractor. Once on site, the lightweight sections were simply lifted into position and fixed off by the installation team.

The system removed the potential for costly on site delays including time-consuming and labour intensive construction, working around other trades, weather and RDO set-backs, site and height access complications and OHS requirements.

This is the SBS Smart Frame system in pictures:

Hendrix - Mark-ups

Hendrix - 1

Hendrix - 2

Hendrix - 3

Hendrix - 4

Hendrix_Apartments_- Feature

May Constructions is the principle builder for the $30 million development, designed by Ascui Edwards Architects.

With the developer working towards a highly sought after 5 green star rating, pre-fabrication is not just saving on site time and costs, it is also playing its part in providing a more sustainable construction alternative.

Find out how pre-fabrication improves sustainability: It’s Not Just Smart. It’s Sustainable. Why is Pre-Fabrication Considered a Sustainable Construction Method? >

We don’t just manufacture prefab steel frames…we build smarter! Contact us to discuss how we can work together to achieve significant savings on your next project >

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