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Imagination Driven Prefab Solution for Brighton Mazda

30 November 2015

Mazda lives the saying ‘Imagination Drives Us.’  That saying is pretty apt to how we work at SBS Group.

Inspired to create innovative, efficient and time-saving solutions for our clients, the SBS design team draw on a combined 15+ years of experience to develop build smarter approaches for projects such as Brighton Mazda. After analysing the challenges that were facing the builder and working closely to their requirements, a solution was created to pre-fabricate lightweight fascia framing for the new dealership.

Labour required on site was reduced by removing the need to conventionally stick build the fascias. Time was saved with frames delivered direct to site, ready to be installed and clad. Production was not impacted by obstacles and delays such as inclement weather, RDO’s and difficult on site access and other trades.

SBS Group…smarter building solutions custom designed for your construction challenges.

Brighton Mazda - 2 Brighton Mazda - 1.v2

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