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Lantern Apartments: An Innovative and Unique Lightweight Construction Solution for an Innovative and Unique Design

28 October 2016

Plus Architecture have taken this apartment project to a completely new level with sculptured facade features wrapping the building and finishing at street level with curvaceous arches – a truly stunning project.

With a design that is anything but ‘common’, a construction solution that was as innovative and unique as the design was therefore demanded.

The team at SBS Group, driven by the challenges of bespoke and customised architectural projects, designed a lightweight steel framing system for the facade that not only achieved the architectural intent, but resulted in an off site alternative for the builder with numerous savings.

The pre-fabricated solution will involve the fabrication of large panels in our factory, allowing the frames to be pre-clad and then easily fixed off to the slab once on site.

Having been awarded the project early on, we’ve been working closely with Orange Building Solutions and the contractor to ensure the construction solution meets every requirement for a successful outcome. Shop detailing is underway for the project by our qualified detail technicians with manufacture expected to commence early next year in line with the project schedule.

Anything is possible with a build smarter approach.

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