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Bravo Apartments

5 September 2014

SBS were called upon to manufacture and supply balcony dividing screen framing for the Bravo Apartments project. There was an emphasis on speed, quality and service as the project was moving along rapidly, therefore standard lead times could not be accounted for.

The dividing screens had originally been documented to be constructed from costly 50 x 50 SHS structural steel sections. This proved the first of many complications. Using the SHS structural steel would have resulted in extremely heavy frames, making them difficult to be installed especially as easy access to the building was limited.

SBS completely eliminated the need for the use of the structural steel and constructed the frames as pre-fabricated cold formed lightweight steel stud and track sections. The connection points were perfected, allowing for quick and easy installation.

SBS also fully engineered and shop detailed each frame, allowing for staged deliveries and full customisation to suit the clients requirements.

Yet again, another project that benefited from the smarts of the SBS framing solutions.

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