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Why Pre-Fabricate?

Improved Productivity = Increased Profitability

Design Flexibility

Using our BUILD SMARTER™ system, we design and manufacture prefab cold formed steel frames to any specification – straight, true and accurate to suit your individual project requirements.

Less Risk

Fast and easy installation of lightweight steel framing means less on site labour, reducing the risk of fatalities and downtime.

Precise Accuracy

Our pre-fabricated steel frames are manufactured to quality and exacting standards. We use state of the art 3D CAD technology and CNC machinery for efficient and accurate results.

Faster Construction

Do you have a tight project schedule? With framing delivered to site for immediate installation, on site time is significantly reduced.

Increased Productivity

Lightweight steel framing is simple to install and does not require any further straightening or packing out, making projects easier and faster to complete.

Our process explained and broken down

Step 01. Design

When it comes to design and providing efficient solutions, we can achieve almost anything. For years, we’ve challenged the traditional mindset of building by creating flexible and smarter systems. Forward your design specification and allow us to value engineer an easier solution for your construction requirements.

Step 02. Estimating

Every project is unique in design, scope and detail. Therefore, communication in estimating is critical to guarantee the right design aspect has been thoroughly detailed for a successful outcome. Our quotation submissions explain the scope of the project, engineering requirements and marked up plans.

Step 03. Shop Detailing & Engineering

Using the latest 3D computerised software, pre-fabricated framing is shop detailed in-house, offering comprehensive fabrication layout plans and fixing locations. Framing is modelled to comply with the relevant building codes and certified engineering specifications.

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Step 04. Project Management

Our experienced project management team are committed to ensure your project is coordinated smoothly from initial stages right through to the final delivery.

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Step 05. Manufacture

Within our controlled factory environment, our specialised team of assembly personnel ensure your framing is fabricated to quality and exacting standards. Using state of the art CNC machinery, framing is processed efficiently and accurately for on time delivery without the hinderance of site conditions.

Step 06. Delivery

Deliveries on time and on the right transport is of paramount importance to our despatch personnel. Framing is securely packed, carefully loaded and transported to ensure products and quality are delivered, ready for installation.

Wall, Floor Joist and Roof Truss Framing

Pre-fabricated wall and roof truss framing using light gauge steel materials: your smarter alternative to structural steel and timber construction.

Our system replaces the need for the supply of structural steel, timber wall and roof truss packages. Framing is fabricated and delivered direct to site with 3D models and layout plans for easy and fast on site installation.

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Facade and External Lightweight Steel Framing in Melbourne

Replace secondary structural steel structures with lightweight, easy to install framing systems. SBS Smart Frame systems are designed, certified and drafted to suit the project design, budget and timeline by reducing scaffolding and on site labour.

Frames are detailed using 3D CAD technology and manufactured using cold formed galvanised steel or aluminium materials.

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Bulkhead and Internal Framing

Circular, stepped, coffered or straight framing solutions, designed, detailed and pre-fabricated for easier, smarter and faster on site installation.

High strength framing systems promote easy handling, less risk and exposure on site without comprising on structural integrity. Frames are manufactured in complete sections with counter sunk fixing systems for direct fix of plaster or linings.

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Balustrade Framing

Smarter and easier alternatives to conventional, time consuming and heavy structural steel designs. Straight, rebated, profiled, curved or three-dimensional balustrade frame solutions are shop detailed and manufactured to your project specifications.

Large sections can be pre-clad off site and craned into position, or manually placed and fixed off using concealed adjustable brackets. Balustrades are designed for the direct fix of cladding materials without top hats or battens.

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Complex Architectural Framing

Highly customised construction solutions adapted to any design. High strength, unique fastening technology and 3D CAD integrated machinery technology is used for the pre-fabrication of complex facades and custom architectural features.

Complete creative freedom for architects, builders and contractors with steel fabrication solutions modified to suit individual project requirements.

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Smart Hob Formwork Framing

Complete your floors faster with an easier and smarter alternative to conventionally forming up timber hobs.

Cold formed steel hobs are manufactured to your site specifications, delivered to site, fixed to the slab and filled with concrete. Hobs are then tanked or sealed as required.

Remove the time and labour in waiting for concrete to set before returning to strip the timber ply, remove nails and patch hobs.

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[Free eBook] Cold Formed Steel vs Timber

With more builders doing the numbers on using steel vs timber for walls, roof trusses and floor joists on their multi-residential projects, the differences between the two construction materials are only becoming greater and more obvious. So, who wins the showdown?