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The Power of Pre-Fabrication

24 September 2015

It’s all coming together quickly at RMIT Bundoora, with the last of level 5 facade framing being installed! This has been an exceptionally fast facade installation and with all parties contributing to a tight program, builder milestones have been kept.

With 140 approx. panels of varying depths 2.9 x 10m long, pre clad and lifted into position, one can only imagine the significant scaffold cost and labour intensive alternative. Prefabrication, if planned rightly, detailed correctly and coordinated responsibly, gives rise to substantial rewards.

Facade framing has been fully designed, shop detailed, engineered and manufactured by SBS Group.

Framing leaves SBS factory
Framing leaves SBS factory

RMIT Bundoora 4
Framing panels being pre-clad off site

Clad and ready to be installed
Clad with windows fitted and ready for installation

RMIT Bundoora 2
And installed!

Artist impression of the final project

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