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2-4 Station Street – Caulfield North

2-4 Station Street – Caulfield North

Project Overview
  • Project 2-4 Station Street – Caulfield North

  • Builder MPA Construction - Formwork Contractor

  • Architect Rothe Lowman

  • Location Caulfield North, Victoria

  • Framing Used SBS Smart Hob / Smart Hob Formwork Framing

With over 4 levels of apartments and numerous balconies detailed for the Station Street development, the successful formwork contractor searched for an efficient, easier and effective formwork solution. As alternatives were sought, the SBS Smart Hob® emerged as a superior system, consisting of cold formed steel permanent formwork, fixed to the slab and filled with concrete. Standard procedures of conventionally tanking and then sealing hobs were then as required or applicable including the requirements of dowels. Notable benefits of using the system included facade measurements being able to be pre-measured early and with no form-ply or supports required. All hobs were poured to the exact same height for consistency across the project, enabling the contractor to pour faster and easier than if a conventional method to form the hobs had been used. Straight and true hob sizing ensured efficient installation on site, resulting in quicker floor cycles and eliminating the common chipping and time consuming patching of traditional formwork methods.