BlueCross Ivanhoe Aged Care

BlueCross Ivanhoe Aged Care

Project Overview
  • Project BlueCross Ivanhoe Aged Care

  • Builder Adco Constructions

  • Architect De Nova Group

  • Location Ivanhoe, Victoria

  • Framing Used SBS Ultra Frame / Complex Architectural Bulkhead Framing

The new BlueCross Ivanhoe is a five-star aged care facility, with architectural attention to detail evident throughout the building.


Circular bulkhead features were designed to line the main dining, function, social and entrance spaces. Working in partnership with the plastering contractor, SBS Group developed a customised Ultra Frame solution for faster and easier on site construction.


Bulkhead frames were shop detailed in house, fabricated using lightweight steel and then delivered in manageable sizes for easy handling once on site. The pre-fabricated frames were designed to be either fixed direct to the ceiling or hung by droppers, depending on the architectural requirements.


Framing sections were assembled and tested for quality assurance for streamlined installation once frames arrived on site.


By using a pre-fabricated alternative, the contractor saved significant labour, time and associated on site construction costs.