The Luxton Prahan

The Luxton Prahan

Project Overview
  • Project The Luxton Prahan

  • Builder Hacer Group

  • Architect SJB Architects

  • Location Prahan, Victoria

  • Framing Used SBS Smart Frame / External Framing (Fin Framing)

Situated just off the busy Chapel Street shopping precinct, The Luxton Prahan is no ordinary apartment building. Parallel white tapered fins dominate the front facade in separating the balconies, while bold mesh shutters add vibrant colour to the building. Bringing the architectural concepts to reality with minimal disruption to the busy precinct and with narrow street frontage was a challenge that demanded smarter methods of construction. The team at SBS Group worked closely with the builder and contractor to provide a fully engineered and shop detailed off site framing solution for the fins. Being able to directly fix cladding to the frames, the need for top hats was removed resulting in access time to the front of the facade kept to a minimum. Manufacturing the fins off site in a controlled factory environment also reduced material wastage and allowed framing angles and dimensions to be closely monitored and quality checked for the best outcome.