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Aged Care Development

Aged Care Development

Project Overview
  • Project Aged Care Development

  • Builder

  • Architect MSM & Associates

  • Location Mornington, Victoria

  • Framing Used SBS Smart Frame / Pre-Fabricated Top Level Wall and Roof Truss Framing

Using BHP cold formed Truecore material, wall framing and roof trusses were pre-fabricated for planned erection once on site.


By applying our BUILD SMARTER system, many smarts were achieved. This included deleting unnecessary structural steel, whilst fabricating the acoustic double walls into one wall, thus providing a quick and ready solution. Doors and windows were also easily incorporated into the pre-fabricated framing design.


The engineered design also incorporated the pre-fabrication of the complex roof pitched junctions and long span trusses.


As steel does not rot, twist or shrink, it isn’t susceptible to the destroying termite damage. Other benefits included decreasing the long term building maintenance required as compared with traditional timber alternatives.