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Oslo Apartments

Oslo Apartments

Project Overview
  • Project Oslo Apartments

  • Builder B Central Constructions

  • Architect Daryl Pelchen Architect

  • Location Bentleigh East, Victoria

  • Framing Used SBS Smart Frame / Pre-Fabricated Top Level Wall and Roof Truss, Balustrade and External Feature Framing

Replacing heavy and time-consuming structural steel and traditional timber materials is just one advantage of using a light gauge steel framing solution.


Following initial design meetings, SBS Group was awarded the contract to pre-fabricate an SBS Smart Frame solution for the top level wall and roof trusses. Shop drawings and frame layout plans were completed in house. Engineering including 1507 certification was also coordinated for both the loadbearing and non-loadbearing frames.


Framing was fabricated using light gauge BHP Truecore steel, true and straight to suit the building requirements. Once on site, frames were simply lifted and installed in sections.


Balustrade and planter box framing was also designed and manufactured off site for smarter, easier and faster install.