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My Place Hawthorn

My Place Hawthorn

Project Overview
  • Project My Place Hawthorn

  • Builder Maxcon Constructions

  • Architect CHT Architects

  • Location Hawthorn, Victoria

  • Framing Used SBS Smart Frame / Balustrade & External Framing

With traditional on site construction methods proposed for this apartment development, challenging and time consuming results were unavoidable. However, once reviewed, SBS efficiently re-designed the proposed labour intensive and expensive methods of using heavy structural steel. SBS replaced balustrades and parapet framing with fully engineered, certified and shop detailed lightweight pre-fabricated framing systems.

This resulted in numerous benefits for the builder and contractor, including quick installation and the flexibility of cladding being directly fixed to the framing, with top hats and battens no longer required. Frames were constructed in manageable sizes to allow for ease of installation from an elevated work platform (EWP). Further initiatives allowed the balustrades and parapets to be installed early on in the project, providing the necessary safety fall protection barriers in the construction stage. This eradicated additional costs for the builder.

SBS Group…providing pre-fabricated solutions for a build smarter approach.