Business Name: SBS Group AU Pty Ltd
Site Location: Unit 1, 308-310 Maroondah Hwy, Chirnside Park VIC 3116
Contact Person: Nigel Grimshaw
Contact Person Phone: 1300 782 950
Date Prepared: 6 August 2020

The following actions have been introduced to mitigate the introduction and spread of COVID-19.


  • Hand sanitiser is available throughout the office and factory, including individual hand sanitisers for each staff member
  • Air conditioning is set and adjusted accordingly throughout the day to ensure optimum air flow.
  • Appropriate PPE is required for staff and supplies are readily available including masks, glasses and gloves and other requirements as necessary
  • There is clear signage on the importance on regular hand washing and maintaining good hygiene in prominent locations.


  • High touch surfaces such as light switches, keypads, door handles, lunchroom surfaces and meeting room tables are cleaned regularly.
  • Manufacturing equipment is sanitised twice daily.


  • Staff that can work from home are, and those attending the workplace are regularly assessed to determine whether they are able to carry out any of their tasks from home.
  • Most employees are not required to work across multiple sites. The only exception is essential site visits and inspections, critical to the operation of a permitted activity or industry.
  • Staff have been advised that no more than one person per four square metres is allowed in communal spaces including the lunchroom and meeting rooms. Signage has been displayed in these areas.
  • Floor markings in the manufacturing area assist the production staff with maintaining safe distances     


  • Employees/visitors are required to fill in a declaration form before they are allowed into the workplace, including daily temperature checking. Those who do not comply will be asked to leave and denied entry.
  • Staff have been advised on the importance of recording OHS incidents and are aware that they need to advise their manager when such incidents occur. Forms are available to record incidents and stored in the lunchroom areas.


  • All staff have been notified of their employee obligations in relation to the SBS Group COVID Safe plan. In the event that a staff member is no longer able to fulfil their role, a back-up replacement will be implemented.
  • Logistics: additional delivery arrangements have been made for third party carriers
  • Manufacturing: back-up resource has been arranged with external labour force
  • Clients and stakeholders will be notified via phone calls and other appropriate means of communication within a 48-hour period of a potential closure
  • The employee’s manager will provide records from the period of 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms of an employee with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 to DHHS as required to assist in contact tracing, such as rosters, shift schedules, employee details and other visitor/external third party who have been in contact with the employee.
  • If a case is confirmed within the workplace, the appropriate deep cleaning will be undertaken by an external third party. Quotes from suppliers have been received and filed in case this is required. A risk assessment will be undertaken and a decision made as to whether the whole or part of the workplace will need to be closed by management.
  • If a suspected case is present in the workplace, all practical steps to minimise the risk such as cleaning the affected employee’s workplace, areas where they attended and high-touch surfaces will be undertaken.
  • An employee suspected to have COVID-19 will be asked to leave the workplace immediately or isolated at work if they are unable to leave immediately. The employee will be asked to undergo a COVID-19 test and self-isolate.
  • For a suspected case of COVID-19, all staff will be notified and asked to be vigilant about identifying any symptoms, to self-isolate if they have any symptoms and undergo testing.
  • WorkSafe Victoria will be notified immediately of a confirmed case of COVID-19 by calling the incident notification hotline and preparing formal written notification.
  • If the workplace has been closed to due a confirmed case of COVID-19, staff will be notified when it is safe to return after a thorough assessment has been completed and required measures undertaken. DHHS and WorkSafe will also be notified.
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