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Stay Safe while on the Job in the Busy Lead up to Christmas: 7 Basic Tips

1 December 2016

A recent email from a customer reminded us that no matter how busy or stressful the weeks leading up to Christmas may be, staying safe should remain our number #1 priority.

As he said, ‘No deadline is worth someone’s life…don’t become a Christmas statistic’.

It was a powerful and sober reminder that there are families and friends who will be spending Christmas without loved ones this year as a result of tragic workplace accidents.

Here’s a few basic reminders on how to stay safe in the lead up to Christmas. Make sure you are around to enjoy your well deserved end of year holiday.

Stay Safe #1 – Don’t forgot to wear your PPP – it might be quicker to miss the protective glasses, but you might pay for it with an extended visit in hospital over the holidays.



Stay Safe #2 – Try not deprive yourself of sleep – remember that a tired worker is a careless worker. Unintended mistakes can lead to dangerous situations for yourself and your workers.



Stay Safe #3 – Don’t take shortcuts. As tempting as it may be to get the job completed in the quickest time possible, you might end up creating more work for yourself in fixing unnecessary mistakes.



Stay Safe #4 – Keep up your regular breaks – a quick walk around the block or building may be all it takes to give you the energy you need to remain fresh and alert while on the job.



Stay Safe #5 – When in doubt, ask. Don’t assume you know the best way to do something if you don’t.



Stay Safe #6 – Keep things in perspective – there’s always after Christmas. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish a task…but a fatal mistake could mean the end of your holidays



Stay Safe #7 – Help others when help is needed. It’s easy to be pre-occupied with our own tasks and fail to notice that a colleague needs help. Lending a helping hand could save a limb or a life.



Tell us – what are your tips for staying safe while on the job?

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