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[INFOGRAPHIC] Structural Steel vs Pre-Fabricated Lightweight Steel Framing

21 March 2017

Why should you replace structural steel with a pre-fabricated lightweight steel framing alternative?

Here’s our top 10 reasons why:

10 Reasons Why You Need To Replace Structural Steel With A Lightweight Alternative (Where Possible)

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How can you be building smarter using light gauge steel framing?

You might be building with structural steel just because ‘we’ve always done it this way.’ Described as the most dangerous phrase in the language, those six words could adversely be impacting on your project budget and timeline.

SBS Group is a manufacturer of pre-fabricated lightweight steel and aluminium structural framing solutions. But we don’t just fabricate and deliver frames, we BUILD SMARTER.

Projects such as the Melbourne Park Admin & Media Building, RMIT Bundoora, Mosaica Apartments and 888 Collins Street, Docklands saved time, costs and on site labour by replacing structural steel.

Melb Park - Feature RMIT - Featured Image Mosaica - Feature 888 Collins St - Feature

Top level wall and roof trusses, balustrades, facadesbulkheads and other internal and external designs can easily be replaced using lightweight framing systems for faster, easier and systematic on site installation.

Find out more about our framing systems here or download our Company Profile:

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