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[VIDEO] Pirovich Constructions & SBS Group Team up on Spring Malvern with the Installation of a Smarter Light Gauge Steel Framing System

15 January 2018

Top level wall and roof truss framing may be traditionally designed and constructed using timber and structural steel. Here at SBS Group, we’re changing the status quo to help builders build smarter.

Working with Pirovich Constructions on the 4-level Spring Malvern project, SBS Group reversed the conventional stick build method. The carpentry, roof truss and structural steel packages were combined into one smart pre-fabricated solution.

Walls and trusses for the top level were fully in-house designed, 3D modelled and then independently engineered and certified. Following client approval, framing was manufactured off site by our fabrication teams using BHP’s Truecore cold formed steel. Manufactured straight and true to site specifications, frames were then simply delivered to site and installed.

Watch the result >


Here’s just some of the time-consuming tasks that are avoided when using an SBS Group light gauge steel framing package:

> No need to tender and award three separate packages for the carpentry, roof trusses and structural steel

> No straightening or planing of timber walls

> No inclement weather and RDO’s delaying the stick build construction process

Interested in the possibilities and advantages of pre-fabricated light gauge steel framing?

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