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[WHITEPAPER] An Introduction to Light Gauge Steel Framing: For Developers

4 August 2020

Whether you’re working on a multi-residential development or a commercial project, your choice of materials impacts everything. From ease of delivery and handling on site, to construction times and the overall quality, all of these factors affect your reputation and bottom line.

For many developers, timber has long been the go-to material for construction. However, light gauge steel (LGS) framing is a viable and innovative alternative that can potentially bring significant time and cost savings to your next project. Also known as blue steel framing, LGS framing is increasingly being used for structural walls, floor joists and roof trusses.

The quality, durability and efficiency of LGS framing can bring multiple benefits to your residential or commercial build. So if you’re a developer looking for an edge, download the Whitepaper to discover why using an SBS Group light gauge steel framing system is a smarter way to build.


> Benefits for the Developer
>  FAQs about Steel
>  Relevant Building Codes & Standards
>  Project Applications

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